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Fairness Officer

Soho, New York | Engineering | Full-time

We're looking for an exceptional Fairness Officer to ensure that our cutting edge technology is always harnessed as a force for good.

Lemonade is a trailblazer when it comes to the use of data and AI in insurance, and we strive to be thought leaders on the ethics of AI, privacy, and data.  Insurance companies are required to price based on ‘expected loss’, meaning that it is our mandate to use data to divine what kind of risks a person presents. But what data is fair game when assessing this? How should the potential for disparate outcomes be addressed? How should we balance transparency with the need to keep trade secrets secret? How should we evaluate our algorithms, and what are the privacy implications? 

As a Public Benefit Corporation and a certified B-Corp, and as a company at the forefront of generating and utilizing big data for insurance, it is especially important for us to be thoughtful about what ‘fair’ is, and how to ensure we’re achieving it.

The right candidate will be deeply thoughtful about these issues, current with the laws and regulations around privacy and discrimination, and a leader in the global debate.  They will resist fashionable truisms in favor of real thought leadership. They will be balanced, and respectful of the duties we have to various constituencies - including investors, customers, and employees. They will be very familiar with key technologies, their trajectory, and the debate about how these should be best implemented, disclosed, and audited. They will also be steeped in moral philosophy as it’s developed across the ages, and know how to apply it in the age of the machine.


  • Pricing: work closely with the data science, compliance, and underwriting teams  to ensure our pricing and underwriting treats everyone fairly. 
  • Organization: work closely with the Talent Acquisition and People teams to ensure our hiring and compensation practices are fair, open to all, and free from discrimination.
  • Regulation: develop a vision for how regulation should develop in the areas of insurance - and work with regulators and legislators to advocate for this. 
  • Privacy: work with Product and Engineering teams to ensure privacy policies are well thought through, clearly communicated, and rigorously adhered to.
  • Operations: work with Marketing, Biz ops, Product, and other functions to ensure we are adhering to our own standards of fairness, transparency, and privacy.
  • Communication: ensure consistent, transparent communication of ethical business practices to employees, investors, and customers.
  • 10+ years of experience in the field of technology ethics. Engaged in the debate around FAT (fairness, accuracy, transparency).
  • Highly articulate and comfortable in front of a crowd or a camera. 
  • Fearless, with an optimism born of experience and determination.
  • Demonstrated standing in the ethics community. Preferably a strong track record of publishing and presenting positions on data, privacy, and associated ethics.
  • Well-versed in the design of non-discriminatory and equitable technology systems.
About Lemonade

Lemonade is a licensed insurance carrier offering renters, homeowners, and pet health insurance in the United States, and contents and liability insurance in Germany and the Netherlands. We’re powered by artificial intelligence and behavioral economics, and driven by social good.

A Certified B-Corp, Lemonade donates unused premiums to nonprofits selected by its community as part of our annual Giveback program. We incorporate our values into everything we do—from our business model to our office culture.