Android Developer

Sarona Campus, Tel Aviv | Full-Time

Ready to join the team that built Lemonade’s award winning AI bot experience? If you’re interested in working on pixel-perfect user experiences, performance, automation and bots, this is where it all happens.

To excel in this position, you need to be an Android master, with lots of experience in end-to-end development and deployment of apps, as well as working with APIs, UX Rich Applications, Well Crafted Typography, Camera, GPS, etc.

We’re looking for someone smart, hard-working, and creative. You’ll need to have lots of patience to obsess over even the smallest of details, while working on complex networking, security, and architecture challenges. Sound like you? Read on.

  • Relevant academic background
  • 5+ years of experience in software development
  • 3+ years building Android apps
  • UX capability
  • Detail and delivery-oriented personality
  • Enjoy working on small details as much as the big picture
  • A team player and problem solver
  • Smart, patient, quick – but thoughtful
About Lemonade

Founded by Shai Wininger (founder of Fiverr) and Daniel Schreiber (previously at Powermat and Sandisk), Lemonade is considered one of the most promising growth stage startups in the US, and leads the category of Insurance Disruption as the world’s first technology and bot driven insurance company. We’re backed by SoftBank (the largest shareholder in Uber and world’s largest VC), Google Ventures, Sequoia, and more.

We believe in doing things differently, pushing boundaries, and questioning everything. We’re non-conformist, anti-corporate Makers who want to create impact while contributing to society.

Lemonade is a Certified B-Corp, which means that we incorporate our values of doing good into everything we do – from our business model to our office culture.